Winter blues got you down? We take a look at making your yard useable year-round!

Want to be able to use your outdoor space year round?

Plan ahead when designing to be sure your space is evergreen!

Many homeowners only consider summertime when designing their outdoor space. Then, they get to wintertime and realize they’ve made a big mistake! Your home should be fully functional, inside and out, no matter what the season.

So, what can you do to ensure your landscape and pool design suit your needs in every season? Consider some of these unique features to add to your space:

Fire features

Fire features are great statement pieces for a backyard. From fire bowls to fire pits, a unique fire feature will not only look beautiful year-round, it will keep you warm when its cold, and provide an awesome s’more making station for those summer evenings! These multi-functional features will provide a gathering space for friends and family that will keep you toasty warm all winter long!

Heated Pools and Spas

Heated pools have often been considered energy inefficient, but the latest technology makes heating your pool easier than ever before. A warm pool in winter is almost better than a cool pool in the summer. Allowing you to exercise and have fun with your kids in the pool all year long! Spas are another great option for a warm water fix in the winter. They’re smaller, more energy efficient, and are a great place to relax.


A pavilion is a sensible alternative to a gazebo when considering spending time outside during the colder months of the year. Gazebos have open roof beams,while pavilions have solid covered roofs offering protection from the elements. Your pavilion can include an attached fireplace and/or an outdoor kitchen, making it an inviting space to host outdoor holiday parties.

Green House

If you are an avid gardener the winter season can be a bummer. Many plants don’t tolerate the harsh weather. A green house is a great option for a green thumb looking to maintain more sensitive plants year-round. A greenhouse can be a beautiful feature in your outdoor space and can be used year-round, for propagating seeds, hosting tropical plants, and keeping sensitive plants alive through the winter months.


When selecting plants , be sure to include some plants that thrive in winter. This will insure that your yard is lush and beautiful all year long. So many homeowners choose plants that do well in spring. summer and fall and then must live with a dreary yard during the winter months. It doesn’t have to be this way! Just select some plants that will stay nice and green throughout winter, like juniper and spruce.

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