Understanding Hillside Pool Jargon

When it comes to construction, it is quite normal to be confused by the process.  It is not something that you think about on a day to day basis, and you may be confused with jargon such as foundational footings and grade beams.  So, what exactly do these terms mean? Let’s break it down.

Footings provide an even surface upon which to build a foundation.  The footing, which is in direct contact with the soil, distributes the weight and provides strength to the foundation, thereby preventing settling.

You may have heard the terms piers and grade beams before.  Piers and grade beams refers to a style of foundational footing made up of columns and beams. 

These features allow the structure’s load to be distributed among multiple bearing points. These structures are less prone to settling and the movement of soil.  The settling is often due to changes in soil moisture and type, and is something that must be taken into consideration when designing your project and during construction.

Not all structures require piers and grade beams.  Consulting with an engineering firm during planning and throughout construction can insure that you make the best, safest choice for your project.

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