The Best Wine Storage Option You Haven't Considered Yet

If you are like most wine enthusiasts, you likely revel in the idea of your own personal wine cellar or tasting room.  The perfect place to keep your collection of reds and whites, or to hold tastings for friends and family is an underground wine cellar.

Whether you are a connoisseur of the spirit, or a casual collector, proper storage is important to the quality, flavor, and body of your wine.  Besides storage, an underground wine cellar allows you to showcase your stock, and provides the perfect place to gather with guests to share and enjoy your collection.

An underground wine cellar is unique in that it is passively cooled.  The underground location dictates room temperature, humidity, and ventilation; therefore, in temperate climates, underground cellars can provide an ideal environment for wine storage.  An above ground cellar can achieve the same environment, but only by using cooling units and insulation, often making them more difficult and co stly to maintain.

Once you have contemplated the different types of wine storage options and have decided upon an underground cellar, consult an expert.  Whether you will be installing the underground wine cellar yourself, or hiring a contractor, the details are important to ensuring that your underground cellar is both functional and durable.

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