Holiday Entertaining in Your Outdoor Space

If your outdoor space is beautiful, you’ll want to make use of it throughout the years. With Christmas on the horizon, here are some great tips to host an outdoor inner!

If you’re planning on eating outdoors during the holiday season, you’ll need to have a plan to be sure your guests won’t be popsicles before pie time! In California, the weather can range from freezing temperatures, to nice balmy climates during the winter season. Plan ahead and check the weather to be sure you can keep your guests toasty warm. Our top tip for keeping your guests warm is to include a fire features in your outdoor design. From fire bowls to fire pits, custom fire features are a great way to keep your guests comfortable throughout the festivities.

Another concern of a winter-time outdoor event is lighting. If your outdoor space is well planned your landscape designer should have included enough lighting for your event hosting needs. There are tons of great solutions to keep the outdoors bright as day during daylight savings time. Talking with a landscape designer about possible solutions for your outdoor space can help you find your unique solution

Something else to consider when hosting outdoor parties in the fall/winter months is food. Don’t waste your time walking back and forth between the party and the kitchen. We have great outdoor kitchen solutions available that you’ll be able to use year round! From grilling in the summer, to hosting holiday events in the winter, having an outdoor kitchen ensures the chef of the family can be involved the whole time.

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