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Custom Pool & Spa Design & Installation

Artisan Home Resorts is a luxury pool design & construction company focused on transforming your home into a year-round  resort style retreat.

Our goal is to turn your pool & landscape vision into reality. Our skilled designers transform your dreams into original blueprints, turning landscapes into works of art. We offer a full range of services from concept to construction – and will integrate our work with other contractors if required.

We are committed to respecting our client’s vision, budget, and timeline as we create home resorts that are the ultimate year-round retreats.

Custom Landscape Design & Installation

The team at our Silicon Valley based design firm takes pride in crafting unique and exquisite outdoor living spaces. Our extensive experience allows us to add elegance to any outdoor space. From designer swimming pools to amazing outdoor kitchens and fire bowls, we’ll help you turn your property into a luxurious haven for recreation, relaxation and entertainment. Our water cascades and outdoor fountain designs will leave your guests in awe, while our comfortable and cozy outdoor spaces will keep everyone comfortable for those evenings spent relaxing and catching up with family or friends.


At Artisan Home Resorts, the name says it all. Our design team is staffed by skilled artisans who produce exclusive, highly personalized layouts and features to match their clients’ precise specifications and unique aesthetics. We can truly transform your property into a personal resort.

3D Rendering

We realize it can be difficult to visualize your completed outdoor design when you only have 2-dimensional plans. What will you see when looking out your living room window? How will the scale of the proposed water feature relate to the existing trees that you love so much? We are pleased to offer a solution to this dilemma: 3-dimensional, realistic looking renderings! 

By marrying the most advanced software available and our design expertise, we can bring 2-dimensional plans to life. We take you on a tour of your new outdoor living space via a 3D fly-through, allowing you to take in your distinctive design from all vantage points. You can see the rushing waterfall or enjoy the effects of strategically placed outdoor lighting as the sun sets. To more fully transport you into the design, we use carefully selected music and natural sound effects so you can close your eyes and still be immersed in your custom outdoor design: your Home Resort.

Facilitation of Engineering & Permits


The Pre-Permit process can be frustrating for homeowners. Several weeks or even months can go by without an update or progress from the engineers or municipal departments. Artisan Home Resorts offers a unique service: we will coordinate to address any concerns and requirements from the various departments for issuing a permit. This includes facilitating all the engineering needed for your swimming pool: structural, geotechnical, drainage, and/or survey as well as enlisting the services of an arborist, should that be a requirement.

We will put our experience to work for you and have your engineering, plans, and paperwork ready and waiting to submit for permits, taking up to eight weeks off the time it takes to actually build your project. Best of all, Artisan Home Resorts can do all of this before your contractor is even hired, depositing time back into your bank.


Project Management

Do you already have a design or construction documents for your outdoor project? Artisan Home Resorts isn't limited to working with only our ideas and drawings, we will oversee the building and installation of a design you bring to us. From engineering and demolition to planting and construction, our team can bring any plan to life.

Original Pool

Clay Modeling

Finished Pool

Original Pool